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Czech Glass - Art Nouveau & Art Deco

Art Nouveau, which arose in the late nineteenth century, caused Bohemian glass to be famous again all over the world. Bohemia became, after France and the USA, the third most important country worldwide in Art Nouveau glass production. One of the most significant glassworks of this time period was the Carlsbad Moser.

Moser glassware was popular with rulers and aristocracy all over the world. Bohemian costume jewellery, another popular commodity, was the finest in the world markets.

After the First World War Art Deco style evolved. Art Deco was an expression of spontaneous needs of modern people to beautify their environment.

Art Deco also influenced fine sculpture and painting, theatre, dance, music, ballet and literature, and its role and influence on fashion and on luxury hand-made work was very pronounced. Art Deco was inspired both by past style epochs and distant exotic cultures.

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